R. Kingsbury, Hassert go 1-2 at Pocono

Ray Kingsbury and Joe Hassert broke away from the field with Tanner Watkins on a late restart to claim victory at the CFRL’s first IndyCar race at Pocono. Kingsbury had early troubles including being involved in a caution that almost took him out of the race, but the GAM3RGLOV3S crew managed to repair the entry’s rear wing. Kingsbury then missed his pit box late in the race and had to restart at the end of the field. Hassert and Kingsbury worked together to maintain a large lead and it was obvious one of the pair would claim victory, but the caution flag flew early as Kingsbury had the fortune of sitting in the top position. Hassert took P2 on default, amidst a valiant showing.

Watch the race broadcast at OSRNetwork: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyc8Eel-HXI

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