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Last Lap Motorsports was a team founded in April 2009 by brothers Ray & Matt Kingsbury in hopes of creating a sim racing team in Live for Speed for beginners aswell as veterans alike. The team achieved relatively decent success with collaborative endurance efforts and individual driver results. Achievements from this simulator most notable are the team’s GT2 class championship in the highly competitive GT World Series hosted by New Dimension Racing. Remco Majoor also brought the team a victory in the annual Kyoto 500. The team, under Jordan and Vytas managed another endurance series victory in the final season of the Open Endurance Cup. In the iRacing.com simulation, Last Lap Motorsports won its first ever series in the NASCAR Truck in a team based series hosted by ETV! Live. The team also dabbled in GT racing with Richard Hollyday and Derek Murray leading the team to impressive showings in the pro-caliber Masters of Endurance league. The team has risen to prominence in its IndyCar performances, mostly. Drivers such as Jonathan Goke, Connor Cross, Nigel Marneef, and Matt A Kingsbury have all won iRacing.com official IndyCar series with open and fixed setups while Ray Kingsbury dominated in the Top Fuel IndyCar Series. The team has countless other feats in leagues across simulators. Perhaps the team’s most impressive feat was a collective team effort which saw Jonathan Goke ┬ásave fuel and claim victory in the first ever top split of the Indy 500 with the new DW-12 car.

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